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  • Some Groove 2007 Tips...

    crosspost from # Remove an account in a machine which cannot logged in due to password forgotten Just tried to re-activate some of my old groove accounts in my other PCs and found that I forget the password set long time ago... (normally inside MS we had internal password policy that we need to change password every few
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/12/8
  • Dynamically Loading Scripts Files on Dynamics CRM

    crosspost from People who are working in customizing Dynamics CRM system should all sooner or later facing this problem: what can I do to have my common sharing Javascript library injected in an elegant way so that all the events in all my crmForm can use it without problems? As now I am engaging in a Dynamics CRM customization
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/11/29
  • Error 0x80070057 when importing Hyper-V VM around servers.

    crosspost from It's already bothering me many times when I am export my Hyper-V VM (with important snapshots) and trying to import to another machine and hit this error without further information: Failed to import the virtual machine from import directory 'C:\vpc\somevpc1\'. Error: One or more arguments are
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/11/27
  • 09シーズンイン初滑り@白馬五竜

    先週から急に寒くなってきて、日本のいろんなところに雪降り始めた!そのため、スキー場は早めにオープンし、今年のシーズンインは早かった! さっそくシーズンインの初滑りはしたくて、この3連休でどっかに行きたいなと思って、友たちと 白馬五竜 に車で日帰りて行きました。 積雪110cm, 山頂しかオープンしていないが、人はそんなに多くでもなく、楽しんて滑った。 今年の新しい装備は、 バートン の09日本限定モデル X8V (feel 2) と CO2 EST The Channel 対応ビンディング、ブーツは ION で、そして今年服の色は、黄色にしました。 一泊すると計画したが、さすか初すべりで体力もないし筋肉もそんなに耐えないので、日帰りで帰りました。朝始発で集合、夜は終電での一日でした。 今日は
    Posted to Rexiology::Japanese (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/11/24
  • IE: Prevent confirming dialog box when using window.close() to close a main window

    crosspost from Been busying on investigating Dynamics CRM 4 Web Application and Outlook VSTO Add-In development for the past weeks and not update blog much. It's time to do a post now. Little but useful trick when toying with IE windows. When there is only a parent IE window and you load some pages with javascript "window
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/10/17
  • Windows HPC Server 2008 RTMed!

    crosspost from 2008/09/22 marked the RTM day of Windows HPC Server 2008 , ranked top 23 of Top 500 as the Microsoft server for cluster computing. based on previous CCS server we made lots of improvements on the management abilities, also others. been a pilot tester started from beta early this year, I’ve seen the improvement
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/9/23
  • hpc2008rtm1.jpg

    Posted to Rexiology::Work Photos (MediaGallery) by rextangtw on 2008/9/23
  • CRM 4 Outlook Client Lost Connection Problem…

    crosspost from Most of my testing CRM 4 environment were built upon Windows 2008 Server / IIS7 (both 32bit and 64bit) . The server and outlook client installation works fine without problems. started from this week I am making prototyping env. using Windows 2003 Server R2 with IIS6 and after done the installation, the Outlook
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/9/23
  • Enable CRM 4 URL QueryString Parameter Passing…

    crosspost from It seems worked while CRM 3.0 that one can pass custom variables via URL’s querystring and use it while form’s onload event. but it’s not worked in CRM 4 by default now. to be able to do this, you have to tune the registry. Create a DWORD registry key named [DisableParameterFilter] under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    Posted to Rexiology::Work (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/9/23
  • 山でやろう~

    結局今月の 東京メトロのマナーポスター は「 山でやろう 」です、、、 Technorati Tags: japan , tokyo , metro , poster
    Posted to Rexiology::Japanese (Weblog) by rextangtw on 2008/9/10
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