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Windows HPC Server 2008 RTMed!
crosspost from 2008/09/22 marked the RTM day of Windows HPC Server 2008 , ranked top 23 of Top 500 as the Microsoft server for cluster computing. based on previous CCS server we made lots of improvements on the management...
Slipstream / Servicing Windows 2008 Server iso image with Hyper-V RTM bits...
crosspost from Just finished slipstream / servicing the windows 2008 server x64 iso image for using in my HPC server 2008 computing node provisioning (I would like my computing nodes to use Hyper-V Native network driver on...
Parallel Extension to .NET 3.5 June 08 CTP released…
crosspost from at 06/02, Microsoft just released the latest CTP of Parallel Extension to .NET 3.5 (as PFX later), available for download here . on considering delivery HPC application development, I am evaluating proper technologies...
Posted: 2008/6/19 21:55 by rextangtw | with no comments
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Windows HPC Server Debuts in Top 25 of World’s Top 500 Largest Supercomputers
crosspost from [via Microsoft Press release ] DRESDEN, Germany — June 18, 2008 — Today at the International Supercomputing Conference, Microsoft Corp. debuted in the top 25 of the world’s top 500 largest supercomputers with...