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So Google is buying FeedBurner...
crosspost from According to TechCrunch report at 2007/05/23, Google is buying RSS management company FeedBurner at a $100 million deal. I believe that many bloggers are using FeedBurner to manage rss feeds and distributing...
Working VISA in Japan...
Just a memo of what actually happened in my case. Actually recently I was busying trying to change and get a " Microsoft " technology related job in Japan. I did pass the interviews with managers and dept. director and confirmed that I am capable to work...
Posted: 2006/11/22 0:08 by rextangtw | with 4 comment(s)
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Windows Vista Training at Singapore - Day 3...
Today's session in the morning got some focuses on the developer side. First we got Matthew Hardman, APAC DPE Evangelist, to show us things about Windows Vista Media Center , and how developers write programs for this edition of Vista. Basically some...
Windows Vista Training at Singapore - Day 2...
As day 1 and day 4 serve as travelling day, the actual sessions started at day 2. I've borrowed pics from HK MVP Ken Lin's blog post to have those pics I didn't get for this blog post. Today is the first day of sessions about Windows Vista, we've got...
Posted: 2006/5/27 22:18 by rextangtw | with no comments
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Yahoo! buys
[via Slashdot ] [via CNet News ] [via blog ] Another big news before X'mas and end of this year. Just spent some time read those stories, also browsed to all the comments in blog. well, good words and bad words both existed. I...
Posted: 2005/12/10 15:09 by rextangtw | with no comments
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