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Some Groove 2007 Tips...

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# Remove an account in a machine which cannot logged in due to password forgotten

Just tried to re-activate some of my old groove accounts in my other PCs and found that I forget the password set long time ago... (normally inside MS we had internal password policy that we need to change password every few months, this included MSIT managed Groove Server accounts.) As I am able to save my account file from other computers with the latest password set, I am not able to apply that account to my PCs which already got the same account installed. question is how to remove the account which the password is forgotten...

A KB (KB916375) addressed this problem. As a result, you have to delete all the Groove data on that computer and setup all the account again!! follow KB907854 for the instructions of using GrooveClean.exe to clean all the Groove data in a machine and re-setup the accounts you need.


# Re-Get / Transfer the Synchronizer role of a SharePoint File Sync tool

Been searching for a long time, that when you setup a Groove File Sync Tool and syncing files around multiple PCs, how do you transfer the role of Synchronizer around computers?

In this help it described the functionality of a SharePoint File Sync tool and how to use it. although it did explained how to change the sync mode between manual and auto, and the concept of synchronizer, it didn't tell us how to change synchronizer between computers. the answer is that when you want to change synchronizer between computers, you go to the menu in Edit -> Synchronize Now command to force a sync in current computer. if current computer is not in a synchronizer role, it will prompt you that it is going to request the synchronizer role, and once the current synchronizer approved it , the computer who request the role will get the role and become the new synchronizer. If the computer and account who is in the admin role of the workspace, it can also forcefully get the synchronizer role without notice the current synchronizer.