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Dynamics CRM 4.0 – Hide the Application Menu Toolbar…

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In the main page of Dynamics CRM, there is Application Menu Toolbar for users to do most of actions, also allowed for customizations.

sometimes you may got customization requirements (like me) not to customize this, but to completely remove it so that user would only be allowed to use Application navigation pane and the Wunderbar in the left side (maybe for the single path page transition for making SOP for users). so I spent some time to find a way to do this and would like to leave a note here.

if you go standard (supported) ways, it’s not possible to remove the application menu bar by modify sitemap, ISV.config, etc. but if you are an experienced / web developer, by examing the aspx code, soon you should find a way to workaround this.

The CRM home page is loaded by the /loader.aspx file, if you look at the code there, you’ll find that the home page is made by several IFrames. the CRM logo image and the menubar is located at top frame, so you can simplely just delete the frame to make it disappear. but if you do so, you’ll soon find that the application won’t function normally anymore and will get errors when you click anything. since actually many of other components are interacting with objects in this application menu bar.

so how do you solve this? well, simple enough, just adjust the frameset row size to “HIDE” this menu bar, and you are done! in the loader.aspx file, locate the line with

<frameset rows="112,*" border="0" style="border:0px;">

and change the row height to 60:

<frameset rows="60,*" border="0" style="border:0px;">

and you got something like this with everything working like nothing happened:

wondering if this modification works in Application Mode?

the answer is YES, it will also work in Application Mode. since it used the same loader.aspx file.

by the way, the source aspx of the top frame is located at [{crm web root}/_root/bar_Top.aspx], in case you want to see what’s it doing inside…

and be caution, this is not a supported customization!!