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Change default View Source editor of IE

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started playing around CRM 4.0 customization. need to view the page html source often and need a good xml / html tag editor!

I choosed Notepad++ for my tag editor, found it pretty useful. and now got the question about using it by default when I view the page source in IE.

Found the information from Thea Burger’s blog and would like to note here for my further reference…

the registry key for setting the default view source editor for IE is at:

|- Software
|-- Microsoft
|--- Internet Explorer
|---- View Source Editor
|----- Editor Name (Default) = C:\windows\notepad.exe

modify or create the key and make whatever editor you like here and you are done.

also by reading the comments of the post, Notepad++ made a exe file called “nppIExplorerShell.exe” that do this for you without get your hand dirty with registry editing (you have to select “As a default html viewer” while in the setup of Notepad++ to get this exe file copied to the working directory, or it won’t be copied. tested in Notepad++ v5.0.3)…