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June 2008 - Posts

Hyper-V RTM is available for download…

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just at 6/26, Hyper-V RTM was released for download… This RTM is 6 weeks ahead of schedule and will be available by Windows Update at 8th July.

Michael Niehaus got a post of auto install Hyper-V RTM using Microsoft Deployment Toolket 2008, and John Howard got a RTM announcement posts with all the download links and the other post about slipstreaming the latest Hyper-V RTM bits to OS image and deploying using WDS.


Bill Gates last day at Microsoft

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Just watched live streaming farewell of Bill Gates in Japan, since today is the last day of Bill Gates working at Microsoft.

This should be one of the big events of Microsoft today. and I can say that it’s because of Bill, that brought me into the fantastic computer world since year 1990 when I was still a junior high school student who started programming BASIC, and later decided to major in Information Technology in College and later going into IT industry and finally working for Microsoft, Bill’s company. Bill should count as one of the most influencial people of my life until now. 

Thank you Bill, for bring us this fantastic digital world, and let us know the magic of software!

Here is the public video of Bill Gates – Looking Back, Moving Forward.


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Subversion 1.5.0 released…

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[via gslin] [via Collabnet blog]

Subversion just released its latest version 1.5.0 , currently linux version is available for download, windows version will be little later scheduled at 6/24 and solaris version at 6/26.

according to the release notes, something new is in this version:


Parallel Extension to .NET 3.5 June 08 CTP released…

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at 06/02, Microsoft just released the latest CTP of Parallel Extension to .NET 3.5 (as PFX later), available for download here.

on considering delivery HPC application development, I am evaluating proper technologies that’s suitable for parallel and concurrent programming. of course PFX would be one of the choice in Microsoft platform.

refer to Somasegar and PFX Team blog for more detail release information.

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Windows HPC Server Debuts in Top 25 of World’s Top 500 Largest Supercomputers

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[via Microsoft Press release]

DRESDEN, Germany — June 18, 2008 —Today at the International Supercomputing Conference, Microsoft Corp. debuted in the top 25 of the world’s top 500 largest supercomputers with the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), which ranked at No. 23 with 68.5 teraflops. The company also announced that the release candidate version of Windows HPC Server 2008 will be available for download in the last week of June.

nice score! also in this ISC08, announced the NO.1 and first petaflop/s supercomputer, which should be a big era change for HPC world. In this latest Top500 list, another Windows HPC Server 2008 system, ranking at No. 39, performing at about 266 megaflop/watt, and according to IBM’s press release, also ranked to be the most enegry-efficient Windows cluster in Green500.

The performance is getting better and better, but as a developer, needed to truely consider how to utilize the computing power efficiently. parallel programming should be the next main point around developing new applications.


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Free Hex Editor…

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Trying to install some Linux boxes on Hyper-V RC1 to try MONO and some HPC approaches but hit the gfxboot boot hang problems. tried WinISO and UltraISO to edit the ISO files but seems those software had problem dealing with Linux ISO files. found this Ubuntu iso patch and saw that it’s using string searching to comment out the gfxboot settings in isolinux.cfg file, therefore had the idea to find a hex file editor to do the same thing on other linux iso files.

this one is free and got nice UI to use, Free Hex Editor Neo. the file operations are also fast that makes patching iso files a smooth work.


Snippet Compiler and related info…

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Saw Jeffrey’s post that he made a simple .net compiling environment himself named Mini C# Lab and later found the powerful Snippet Compiler, which is exactly what he was creating. this triggered me to do some search about it and like to leave a memo in this post.

It seems that Snippet Compiler was already very popular back to year 2003, many people had blogged about it and just checked Jeff Key’s tools website, the snippnet compiler had 2008 version which support .net 3.5 now. also there is addin page with code and bits to add extra features to snippet compiler. pretty nice.

As I had my rule that to seperate the dev env. with my working env., actually I had no dev env. in my daily working machine (which is vista with office 2007 and all the editing / blogging / browsing tools, except a full VS2008 dev env.). with snippet compiler it’s now convinient to test some small code on my working env. without terminal servicing to my dev machines, makes life easier…

Jeffrey had put his Mini C# Lab source code up to CodePlex, so, if like to see how this kind of tools is working, would be good to check his source code. Jeffrey’s full name is Jeffrey Lee, a MSMVP ASP.NET in Taiwan, working in IT Industry and living with his family in Taipei. I had worked with him on some projects when I was working at Taiwan. Jeffrey is a very experienced developer also had many articles published in Taiwan’s IT magazines.

Nice work! Jeff and Jeffrey…

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Apple WWDC Live via web and IRC (the iPhone 3G!!)...

Japan time 6/10 3:41AM, San Francisco time 6/9 11:42AM, I am staying up checking up the live steam from Apple's WWDC (WorldWide Developer Conference)...

am following 2 web real-time pages:

also following 2 irc channel at:

Engadget got the most quick report also lots of good pictures, nice to read.

I am only interesting in iPhone 3G, which also will be selling in Japan. according to the keynote, sell will be start at 2008/07/11,

(photo from

the new 3G iPhone will got 2G, 3G high-speed, GPS, Wifi, all in this one shiny cellphone.

battery time:  in 2G talk , 8-10 hours, 3G talk in 5 hours (normal cellphone in 3G only about 3-3.5 hours). video playing in 7 hours, audio playing in 24 hours, and standby hour is 300 hours!! wow!!

later but not latest, the price! 8G memory for $199, 16G memory for $299!!!!!!! don't know what you are thinking, but I'll buy one!!

should be more news coming out later, check around the internet!!

... can't wait to get one!

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3 nice weather vista gadgets...

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The original Vista weather gadget just didn't get the weather info from internet after I reinstalled one of my notebook. thus I had to try to find another one. during the search found those 3 that's pretty good in look also good for use:

Ranking 1: The WChannel Desktop Weather gadget:


nice animation to show forecast when in the sidebar. mouse over will show detail info like humidity, sunrise and sunset time. click will have fly-out showing 12-36 hours forecast. weather data coming from, although lack of radar image or link to follow.


Ranking 2: MSN Weather gadget:

same outlook as the original Vista weather gadget, but this one got fly-out for 2-3 day forecast. the gadget size is small so that it's able to put different places' weather aside the sidebar without consuming too much space. not bad!


Ranking 3: The Weather Channel Sidebar Gadget:

no fancy animation, just simple weather icon and forecast. this is the original gadget from, and it got radar link to see live radar images, which currently providing static image and weather layer over MSN Virtual Earth. Simple and nice to just put it on the desktop for checking weather changes...



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disable IE secure and nonsecure items prompts...

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if you are annoying by the following IE prompt while browsing some secure sites where a page contains both secure stuffs using https also nonsecure stuffs using http in the same page:

this page contains both secure and nonsecure items do you want to display the nonsecure items

go to IE's menu bar, at Tools -> options , under Security tab, for Internet, Local Intranet, Trusted Zones, by each setting its custom level, and under "Display mixed content" section, change "Prompt" to "Enable" and you are done! as the following image:


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