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Scott Hanselman joined Microsoft...

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Am I the last one in the world that knowing this "News" ?

Been too busy recently to clear my un-read blog posts and this happened 2 months ago!!!

I am always a big fan of reading Scott's blog, met him in person once while TechEd 2005 at Orlando, and glad that he can join ScottGu's DevDiv team to make our dev tools better and better.

According to Scott's latest post, he should be on-board at Seattle now and 15+ hours later (here in Japan is 9/12 19:00 GMT+9 for now) he should appear at the the Crossroads Bellevue Mall Food Court for the Nerd dinner.

Welcome on-board, Scott!

(pic taken at TechEd 2005 Birds of Feathers session)

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Posted: 2007/9/12 19:31 by rextangtw | with 1 comment(s)
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Scott Hanselman said:


# September 15, 2007 2:16 AM