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August 2007 - Posts

Irregular shutting down Fiddler process will sometimes cause block of NIC network access...

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Happened 2 times on my work, so should deserve a post to record about this situation.

If one is using Fiddler to trace web application and sometimes Fiddler didn't working well and application is hanging, using task manager to force shutdown of Fiddler process may cause one's client machine's network access behaves weird. symptoms including any web requests outsite the machine will be blocked.

Possible causes of this should be that when Fiddler is starting or terminating, it modified machines connection settings. and if it is shutted down improperly, the machine's connection settings maybe in a corrputing status.

solution for this is to restart Fiddler again and shut it down properly. by doing so modified the machine connection settings back and connection will also be back again.



should be the corruption of IE proxy settings. didn't see that part before I fixed the problem but it feels likely it's the place been corrupted.

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Virtual Server 2005 and Physical Network Card...

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Happened to me just now that I changed my home server LAN Card to a new Gigabit LAN Adapter couple months ago and today when I was trying to hook and run a VPC image from my server, the Virtual Networks Settings remained displaying old NIC cards and my new Gigabit NIC was not shown.

Tried uninstall and reinstall Virtual Server 2005 R2 didn't reflect the NIC change. By referring to this post and just delete the Virtual Server Network setting files located at "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Shared Virtual Networks" and restart the Virtual Server service, and refresh the admin page on virtual networks setting page to create a new Virtual Network, the new NIC finally showed up. Case Closed!


Team Development with TFS Guide (Final Release)

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As previously posted about TFS Guide beta, today the team just had the final release of the TFS Guide available for download. check it out~~