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June 2007 - Posts

SVNBridge usage to CodePlex site...

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Just posted about SVNBridge couple days ago and today Scott Hanselman just used it to connect to CodePlex TFS source control using TortoiseSVN and posted a instruction note. should be a nice reference for using SVNBridge.


Personal Blog upgraded to CommunityServer 2007 SP2...

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Telligent Systems just released CommunityServer 2007 SP2 at 2007/06/12, and I just upgraded my personal blog site to this version (Build 3.0.20611.960) from my previous sp1 upgrade.

Same as my previous SP1 upgrade, I used source code SDK upgrade for my site. while doing clean build, it was failed at compiling CommunityServerComponents20 project which states lack of properties of Telligent.Registration.dll file.

Seems that Telligents had modified Telligent.Registration.dll file and didn't make a proper file mapping on the package. By looking up the solution file, the project is referring Telligent.Registration.dll at source\lib folder and since the SP2 package contains binary folder and the Telligent.Registration.dll is inside it, I just do a copy of the file to lib folder and the build process finished without problems.



Subversion clients for TFS...

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Just saw Brian Harry's post today that there is a CodePlex project called SvnBridge that can enable SVN client like TortoiseSVN to talk to Team Foundation Server.

This is pretty good since I also use TortoiseSVN and Subversion to manage some other development projects. Those are very good combination for Source Control solution in OpenSource world. TortoiseSVN is a pretty nice tool and it will be convenient at client-side to only use one tool but be able to connect 2 kinds of Source Control Servers.

Looking forward to SvnBridge's development...

Configure Log4Net for ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application...

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Just encountered this problem right now and quickly write the solution here. Should be an old info since ASP.NET 2.0 had been out for a while.

The problem is that I want to use Log4Net on a testing web application to get some log data for analysis. I just downloaded the latest version of Log4Net and followed the way I used in previous projects which was an ASP.NET 1.1 web application,  trying to get Log4Net to run in an ASP.Net 2.0 web app. And it's not running as expected.

the steps to let Log4Net run in ASP.Net 1.1 are:

  1. writing config section for Log4Net in web.config file
  2. insert logging code in conponents and web page code-behind
  3. At website's AssemblyInfo.cs or .vb file, add "<Assembly: log4net.Config.DOMConfigurator(Watch:=True)>" for or "[assembly: log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator(Watch=true)]" for C# to enable Log4Net to Log stuffs.
  4. compile the web application and run.

By searching and refering the posts here and here and here, comes out that the configuration way in ASP.NET 2.0 is little bit different, as follows:

  1. writing config section for Log4Net in web.config file
  2. insert logging code in conponents and web page code-behind
  3. At Global.asax file, under Application_Start event, add "log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure()" to trigger Log4Net to log stuffs.
  4. compile the web application and run.

By doing the settings above, Log4Net started to output logs in my ASP.Net 2.0 application.

just one more thing to notice, remember to enable the write permission to "ASPNET" and/or "NETWORK SERVICE" accounts if you still can not get the log file by doing above settings. it may be the file writing permission problems.


Excel Tips: Reference a fix cell value while copying cells...

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This must be pretty normal for people who are using Excel every day, but it is a tip for me that mainly writing code and seldom using Excel. Since my current performance evaluation work need to prepare many calculation reports, Excel becomes a requied tool for this.

Just a simple question while using Excel, that I want to fix one cell value on another formula cell while copying the formula to another rows.

for example on above pic, I want to let A1 value 3 be fixed while I doing C3 = A3*B3*(A1) and copy C3's formula to C4 = A4*B4*(A1) and C5 = A5*B5*(A1). if one use the normal copy cell technique, the formula will become C4 = A4*B4*(A2) instead of fixed at A1.

To fix the value A1 in C column's formula cells, by referring to this post, only have to put cursor on the formula cell, on the target cell name (in this case, A1), and then press F4, the A1 cell name will become $A$1 to indicate it's fixed, and then it's done. (one can just put the $ sign to the row or column that want to be fixed while copying, like $A1 or A$1, or to fix both, $A$1).

that's it, simple but useful trick, FYI.

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Greasemonkey for IE...

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For those of you who want Greasemonkey features on FireFox to be able to use in IE, Jefferey just found such a tool called Trixie which exactly a Greasemonkey for IE. On his post he wrote a simple sample script that adds a "open in new window" link on each of the normal Google search result, which is pretty straightforward to illustrate how powerful the scripts can do.

just did a little search and found another project called exactly "Greasemonkey for IE", source code included. by comparing those 2 projects found that Trixie's latest version was done at 2005/06/06 (version 0.2.3), while Greasemonkey for IE was at 2006/07/30 (version 0.1), which GME4IE is 1 year later than Trixie.

With source code provided, I might use GME4IE to play with those JavaScripts on IE while doing my web performance evaluation on work... ;)

Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008...

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So after Longhorn got its name of Windows 2008, on the current running TechEd 2007, new names were announced again.

The next version of Visual Studio codename "Orcas" will be named Visual Studio 2008.

The next version of SQL Server codename "Katmai" will be named SQL Server 2008.

yes, no fancy names, just with the years.

By the way, the video of keynote of TechEd 2007 were uploaded at Virtual TechEd site already. got fancy intro movie borrowed from Back to the Future...