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TFS Guide Beta 1 available...

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[via J.D. Meier]

Just saw from J.D.'s blog that he just released beta 1 of Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Guide, which should be a very good guidence for TFS.

Forward the contents index from J.D.'s blog as follows:

Contents at a Glance

  • Part I, Fundamentals
  • Part II, Source Control
  • Part III, Builds
  • Part IV, Large Project Considerations
  • Part V, Project Management
  • Part VI, Process Guidance
  • Part VII, Reporting
  • Part VIII, Setting Up and Maintaining the Team Environment


  • Introduction
  • Ch 01 - Introducing the Team Environment
  • Ch 02 - Team Foundation Server Architecture
  • Ch 03 - Structuring Projects and Solutions
  • Ch 04 - Structuring Projects and Solutions in Team Foundation Server
  • Ch 05 - Defining Your Branching and Merging Strategy
  • Ch 06 - Managing Source Control Dependencies in Visual Studio Team System
  • Ch 07 - Team Build Explained
  • Ch 08 - Setting Up Continuous Integration with Team Build
  • Ch 09 - Setting Up Scheduled Builds with Team Build
  • Ch 10 - Large Project Considerations
  • Ch 11 - Project Management Explained
  • Ch 12 - Work Items Explained
  • Ch 13 – MSF Agile Projects
  • Ch 14 - Process Templates Explained
  • Ch 15 - Reporting Explained
  • Ch 16 - Team Foundation Server Deployment
  • Ch 17 - Providing Internet Access to Team Foundation Server

This should be a good practice guidence if you are managing team projects using TFS and Visual Studio, see what people at Microsoft using TFS on works.