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Minimize Office 2007 Ribbon toolbar by Ctrl-F1...

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[via Jensen Harris]

If you are a ThinkPad X60 user, you'll realize that your max screen resolution is only 1024x768 and that's pretty not enough when you are editing some large office documents like a big excel sheet. Especially after Office 2007 there was new UI interface called Ribbon Toolbar that normally occupied like 100 pixel on height of screen, plus the menu bar and the rulers, the working area will left only around 600 pixels height to use. pretty narrow!!

So, one thought is that if there is way to minimize or hide the Ribbon bar. and luckily the Office team do considered about this already.

Simply just press Ctrl-F1 to toggle the Ribbon bar on and off. and then I can get around 1024x100 pixels for the working area. well, still small, but better~


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