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February 2007 - Posts

Vista IE7 Protect Mode?


So as those 2 weeks I was primarily working on my new assigned projects (on-site at customer site, everyday till mignight! orz), also try to find time to set up 2 note-pc assigned from company to me (one is HP NC6400 and the other is the compact Thinkpad X60, with docking base). it took me too much time to install those 2 notepcs since I've kept reinstalling my OS. originally I like to install Windows 2003 Server R2 since the nc6400 is my primary work station on work. but it seems to be heavy of running a win2k3 in it, also, got not enough driver support for all the devices (I can not find drivers for SD reader for win2k3 in HP site, for example), so, finally I got those 2 notpcs back to Windows Vista. nc6400 to install Vista Ultimate, and x60 to install Vista Enterprise. finally configured them all in this weekend and finally can start dealing with hundards of my work emails... orz

I am new to Vista, to be honest. so as I am trying to do some usual works, like print out a webpage to image writer virtual printer to save the page as a img file, suddenly IE7 told me that I am not able to save the image file to the place I assigned ( somewhere at my D drive that hold my personal data) and recommand me to save to the documents folder under picutres folder. well, ok, I think. so I save the file to that place, and then open my windows explorer trying to get the file. but it's NOT There!!!

later found that my file was saved to a place at "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Virtualized\C\Users\userd\Pictures" and I have to then copy them back to the folder I want. what's going on here!?!?

later found via Goggle, it's something called Protected Mode Internet Explorer, which lower process privilidge of IE to prevent malicious code running. well, not bad, just little bit troublesome for power users who use computers everyday, IMHO.

anyway, I found my image file and can keep on my work, wish you do find yours while using IE7 and Vista (this only happened on Vista by using the new security model). will explore more on Vista since now my primary working machines are all Vista!!!

by the way, also found that one can not "upgrade" a Vista Enterprise to Vista Ultimate, can only do clean install. Vista Enterprise got no Windows Media Center... orz

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VirtualPC 2007 RTM released...


VirtualPC 2007 RTM

Too busy recently that almost got no time to do anything except working all day long and sleeping. sorry for not updating here long time. for those weeks preparing of entering a new project, will go stable from now on and will continue posting tech infos related to technologies.

just got the news that VirtualPC 2007 RTM was released at 2007/02/19, where can be downloaded here. it's a long waited update since it old version VirtualPC 2003 and its SP1.

still got no time to test it, but will write a post about the testing once I got it done.

try it if you are also waiting for it. see if it compete VMWare workstation...

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