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September 2006 - Posts

4 months working on Java programming...


Continuing 4 months working on projects using WebSphere Application Server, Java, JSP, Struts framework, using Eclipse as Dev IDE, to develop mobile content charge / download applications here at Tokyo, Japan. As a conclusion, Eclipse IDE seems not as good as Visual Studio.

Java part do have good programming concepts on OO and other programming design patterns, I did learn a lot while those 4 months about how Java world do to make application running. but as getting used to development environment on Microsoft world, I feel that Java world is not as friendly for developers as in Microsoft world. Maybe I am still lacking about using utilities/tools to do those tidious works on editing web.xml as well as structs config file. thus feel that it's troublesome, also as everyone might know, Java compiler / application server did used too many memories in usual time.

Japan is really a special country, on mobile world. every carrier got it's own spec.s to obey while developing applications for it. also each carrier's cellphone has its own browsing spec.s need to obey to develop browsing contents for it and communicate with carriers' gateways. thus it's hard to develop meta contents in central content store on providers' server and output fit contents for each cellphone from each carrier. In this kind of situation, it's also hard to debug mobile content applications since cellphone is not like full-functional computer that can output detail debug information while testing, therefore log4j become a good friend of developers, write logs and debug from there. run-time debugging is nearly impossible (or I didn't find proper tools for it!).

Of course, I do think that a good solution architect should be able to determine / use right tools/dev languages/operating systems to build suitable applications for businesses. therefore I do think this time is a good chance for me to learn how Java world doing things on production environment. But if I can choose which way I like to go, after actually doing works on both world, I'll still choose Microsoft solutions / Dev tools to develop / construct solutions. I feel that it's more fun using Microsoft stuffs to create things since I don't have to care too much about those tidy programming details and can focus on thinking about how to build right solutions for businesses.

As I am decided to stay years here at Tokyo, Japan, looking for solution companies here at Tokyo that mainly using Microsoft solutions on developing business systems. left me a message if you are interesting on my portfolio, thanks.


Japan OCN FTTH network, DNS server settings...


I had my broadband connection at Tokyo about 2 months ago. it's a VDSL link with 100Mbps speed FTTH. it's really fast considering the dual 100M speed.

but actually the web browsing responses is not as perfect as imagine. most of the time most of the links will just be broken. I am started to wondering if there is anything wrong with my DNS settings.

looking into the manual and OCN website, there were nothing talking about DNS settings. by default setting, when one got OCN B-Flets router, just use router's local ip address as DNS server and gateway address. but I did find that the router's DNS server function is not so stable (or I might set something wrong!?). I did need to setup the router to open several filter ports also port mappings, and define my own DHCP segments, means I didn't use the default settings by the router. As the router DNS is functioning not so well until now, I decided to have a check about all the settings.

First of all, I need to know where the official OCN Network's primary and secondary DNS servers are. unfortunately there is no data on OCN website. so back to the root, using  "nslookup" to find out:

Default Server:

> set q=ns
Address:       nameserver =       nameserver =   internet address =      internet address =

I supposed " (" is primary DNS server and " (" is the secondary DNS server.

In router's LAN settings there are places for input LAN DNS server addresses. it was left blank and I decide to fill in those 2 DNS servers.

For my own home server's DNS service (Windows 2003 Server R2), I decided to add those ISP's dns servers to forwarder settings in order to get more faster responses.

by setting those and reset my router, I do experienced a faster and stable responses on web browsing experiences. therefore, FYI if you are in Tokyo and also using OCN B-Flets FTTH broadband network.

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Japan TechEd 2006 Yokohama Day 4 (The last day)...


The last day of TechEd 2006 here at Yokohama, Japan, rainy day...

In the morning there were sessions about RFID, C++/CLI Programming that's releated to developers; also others mainly releated to IT System Management like SQL Server 2005 Disaster Recovery, SMS2003, etc.

In the afternoon, managed to attend session "T1-401 Software Factory Implementation". actually this topic was talked at last year's TechEd USA at Florida (my posts here and here), and this time is a nice chance to review the concept and tools that's ready to support the process. Some DSL Tools are ready, and some still under development or in beta progress. The integration of Software Factory process into Visual Studio Team System is a good point to combine all the tools / process in a united development platform. This should take some time to read and understand all the definitions of process and what are they really mean, but after mastered them, should be a very powerful process to make software engineering to another fun and productive level!

In the rest of afternoon I choosed to stay at MVP lounge trying to know more MVPs here at Japan. There is a very big and popular private community site called (invitation based) here at Japan, MSMVPs here also got their own private community on mixi , sharing information and keep in touch with each others.


As a conclusion of TechEd 2006 here at Yokohama, Japan, some of the topics that should be important at Microsoft world next year:

Although I do think that LINQ should be another important topic in this year's TechEd, didn't see any session here at Japan talking about it (Also PowerShell !! ).

One of the other good things to attend TechEd here is that it gave me a chance to know new friends here at Japan. I would like to thank MVP lead here at Microsoft Japan again to invite me to this event and also glad to know all the MVPs here at Japan, thanks and see you all in next local event! :)

Today's pic I took is here.

TechEd 2006 Yokohama, Japan: Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3

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Japan TechEd 2006 Yokohama Day 3...


Day 3 of TechEd 2006 here at Yokohama, Japan. sunny day!

In the morning sessions Shanku Niyogi gave 2 sessions all about Atlas / Ajax / ASP.NET 2.0. Lunch time there was a "SQL Server 2005 Ready Lunch" event gathering attendees talking about SQL Server 2005.

I managed to attend David J. Anderson's session "T5-404 Implement MSF Agile and CMMI Process using Visual Studio Team System". it's a nice talk to review the project management stuffs as well as how tools can make project manager's work more efficiently. David spend some time explaining some of the 50 reports Visual Studio Team System generated and I found them very useful to view project progress in another aspects.

As I was trying to attend the next session that Frederick Chong talking about SaaS (Software as a Service), found that it changed the session time to this morning, pity.

So the rest of the afternoon I was stay at MVP lounge room and talking with Japan MVPs. also managed to meet Japan MVP Lead Mr. Koita, thanks him to invited me to Japan TechEd 2006.

After today's sessions, there was a "Community Party" held today. all the major Japan .NET community members were invited to this party, including MSMVPs at Japan.


The speaking of Microsoft Japan CEO Darren Huston.

The speaking of Microsoft Worldwide Director of MVP Program, Sean O'Driscoll.


In the middle of the party, managed to get a pic with Sean O'Driscoll and Miss. Mayumi Suzuki, MVP Program Manager of Microsoft Japan.

well, it's a nice party for me who just started my life and work here at Tokyo, Japan, to know new friends that are working in Microsoft technologies. nice event, nice weather. beautiful scene here at Yokohama harbor, although, there was an earthquake in the afternoon...

Today's pic I took is here.

TechEd 2006 Yokohama, Japan: Day 1 , Day 2

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