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August 2006 - Posts

Scott Hanselman's 2006 updated tools list...


[via Clay Chang]

Well, as I was too busy on my new work and knowing new .Net community friends here at Tokyo, Japan, saw from my friend Clay Chang's blog that Scott Hanselman was updated his tools list to 2006 version.

Well, always a nice reference to look at Scott's blog, although I've not been reading people's blogs for a while. need to manage my time more efficient!!

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ActiveSync 4.2 and Office 2007 beta2 sync problem...


I was upgrading my Dopod 900 Firmware to the latest version provided by Dopod website (MemberOnly! ROM version 1.30.108CHT 03/31/06, ComModule 1.11.00 , ComProtocol 42.45.P8, ExtendedMem version 1.30.228CHT). Personal data will be all erased due to firmware upgrade. also I was upgrading my Office 2003 Pro to Office 2007 Pro beta2, and installed the latest ActiveSync 4.2 .

Now the problem happened. my notebook can recognize my pocket pc device, but the sync process was keep halting on waiting status, not able to sync anything from Office 2007. I was wondering if there is any compatibility problems between the new office system 2007 and my device.

After a search from google, found the cause of the problem. it's the firewall problem that block the connection between device and office!

When syncing the PPC device, the device will create a new connection adapter on the notebook/pc to build the communication tunnel. if one had firewall installed on the notebook/pc, then by default this connection will be blocked, which caused the halting syncing problem.

To solve this problem, first find out the connection ip segment by connecting the device to the notebook, run a "ipconfig" cmd command to find out the extra ip segment created by the device. and then just open one's firewall program and add this segment to the allowed area, after that, the sync process will run normally.

Now my Dopod 900 PDA phone can normally sync with newly installed Office 2007 beta2!

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Japan TechEd 2006 Yokohama Day 2...


Day 2 of TechEd Japan, cloudy day...

Spending some time at MVP lounge to know new MVP friends here at Japan, managed to catch the last session, T1-303 Responsibilities of IT Architects and Project Managers. As a result, Japan's IT working style is different from other countries, made it difficult for clearify responsibilities in real project management situations. Project managers and IT architects here in Japan usually have to carry responsibilities in projects, but they don't have really decision rights to decide how things should be done. This should be changed in order to create a better project management environment here in Japan.

There was also a MVP private session about game design on XBox 360 platform. a new XNA game development framework is going to release a beta version today (8/30) , the future windows game platform will also be in a "Live!" style, means game players can communicate with not only gaming partners, but also other users who are surfing internet. Saw a nice XBox 360 demo today, really cool!

After the last session today, there was Attendee Party. Attendees have free pass to the party, also got free food and drinks and some shows.


Today's pic I took is here.

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Japan TechEd 2006 Yokohama Day 1...


Today is the first day of TechEd 2006 at Yokohama, Japan. I got up at early morning to catch the train at 8AM to Yokohama from Shinjuku JR station. Arrived Pacifico Yokohama conference center at around 9AM for the registration process. Nice weather today!


A lot of IT Pros / Developers in Japan are coming to this event, the main lobby is full of people and sponser spots, also got food area for breakfast and snacks.


TechEd Japan's keynote should be Japanese version of the formal keynote from TechEd 2006 US. First, words from MS Japan President Darren Huston to bring the key idea of this year's point of TechEd; after that, Japan Server Platform Director Mr. Koki Igarashi introduces the "4 promises" in Japanese, to be suitable as a local TechEd event.


After 2 hours keynote session, there was a so-called "Peer-Talk Lunch" event, gathering people to a dinning hall and seperated each Microsoft products in to corners so people can eat their lunch also have chances to talk to pros from Microsoft Japan or peers. This is same as big dinning hall style at TechEd USA, people eat together to have chance to communitcate. In Japan, this kind of gethering lunch is only twice, they used food tickets and corporated with restaurants near the conference center to let people have more choices on meals.


After the peer lunch, the break out sessions begin. I joined T6-313 Introduce Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, T5-320 Introduce to Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals, also T5-303 Introduce to .Net Framework 3.0 today. Well, although it's little bit hard to hear completely in Japanese session contents, I was managed to get the keypoints throughout demos.

The nice things here at TechEd Japan is that they do give out hands-out (session slides print-outs) to people who join a certain session. this is nice for people for re-gathering the ideas after session, also prevent lots of note-taking while listening to the session. Also they do have direct Japanese interpretation with English speaking sessions. this is really amazing, as Japanese do put lots of efforts on localize foreign contents.

TechEd Japan also got BoF sessions this year. today I joined the DotNetDuke BoF session, which is nice to know people who are dedicating localize and customize DNN at Japan. Also, TechEd Japan prepaired special lounge for MCPs and MVPs to let each group of people have an area to sharing / chatting ideas.

And, seems all the world's local TechEd events are all the same, There Are Food Everywhere!!!

Today's pic I took is here.

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CommunityServer 2.1 released...


I have to say that Japanese is working too hard!!! been here for more than 2 and half months, everyday working from 10AM to 10PM, occasionally have to work at weekend, annual salary, so no overworking fee. this should represent most of small/medium IT companies at Tokyo!

Because now my main job is working on Java programming, and too busy, it's been some time that not able to update the latest Microsoft releated technology news. I am taking one week off from working start from next week, to join TechEd 2006 here at Tokyo (Yokomaha), taking some rest, also update some new stuffs for later working.

This should not be a news, CommunityServer released 2.1 at 8/9, also got source code release (SDK) at 8/11 . wish I'll have some time at next week to upgrade my blog directly to this version.

Maybe I should find a job at Tokyo that's mainly on .Net solution development, instead of Java development...

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CommunityServer 1.1 DanBartels CS CAPTCHA control fix...


Although I am planning to upgrade my blog site to the latest version of CommunityServer 2.x, I was too busy to have few days to make the modifications and new skin design, and my site is on heavy attack of comment spam. I am thinking to put one more shelter to defend this, behind the already installed ReverseDOS.

DanBartels' CAPTCHA control can be downloaded from CommunityServer website. I downloaded it since last year, but can not install it successfully by following the ReadMe.doc file. everything seems to fit the settings but the image just don't show.

Today I did some more study about this and finally found that it's because of missing class reference in JpegCaptchaImage.aspx file, which should be copied to "images" folder of using skin. the original file had the control header like this:

<%@ Page language="c#" CodeBehind="JpegCaptchaImage.aspx.cs" AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="DanBartels.CS.CAPTCHA.JpegCaptchaImage" %>

when directly run this aspx file, it will tell you that it can not find the type "DanBartels.CS.CAPTCHA.JpegCaptchaImage" , which in the bin folder, the dll name is "DanBartels.CS.CAPTCHA.dll" . that should be the reason that the image can not be shown to the comment form.

to solve this, simple clear those CodeBehind and Inherits settings, like this:

<%@ Page language="c#" AutoEventWireup="false" %>

save the file and done. now the comment form can display digits for user to type before submit the comments.

wish this can stop some spams before I upgrade my site to CS 2.x...

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