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June 2006 - Posts

Let Putty display Japanese, and TeraTermPro Japanese version...


Putty is a nice tool for SSH / Telnet to servers. as I've now working at Tokyo, Japan, some of the servers are using Japanese version OS and sometimes on the terminal with Japanese OS, it will display Japanese messages. for those messages encoded in EUC-JP or Shift-JIS code pages, there should be some language add-in / patch for those terminal clients working properly to display right characters.

for Putty, here is the patch file information to add another fonts for display inside the terminal window. the information is in Japanese, it's saying that there is a patch for Putty to display Japanese messages and can be download here. after download and unpack, just rename the puttyjp.exe to putty.exe and overwrite the original putty.exe on the installled program files folder. re-open putty application and choose "change settings", under the "translation" settings, change the font setting to EUC-JP or Shift-JIS to display Japanese messages, and it's done.

There is another Terminal Console tools that seems used wildly in Japan called TeraTermPro, also got many external add-ins to let it work properly under Japanese environment. feel free to take a try if you need it.

I am still applying my foreigner identification at Japan so that I can start to get my cellphone and internet connection at home. will have to wait for another month to get this all done, and this means that I won't be able to get online at my new home here for another month. blog update will be less due to this situation and I'll try to keep writing if I have time at weekday working place.

Well, Tokyo is an amazing city. I am glad to be here, using different language to communicate with each others and experience different culture of Asia...

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Posted: 2006/6/16 11:18 by rextangtw | with no comments
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HTC Universal (Dopod 900 in Taiwan) to display and input Japanese...


I was started my new work and life at Tokyo, Japan for already 1 week. Still in the status of processing my working VISA here therefore I can not acquire a cellphone or ADSL line yet, and still trying hard to find my own apartment inside this fascinating, crowded and expensive tokyo city. little bit tough, but it's fun!

I bought the so-called HTC Universal cellphone at October 2005, which in Taiwan we called this cellphone Dopod 900. It's already loaded Windows Mobile 5 Chinese Version . since I am now living at Japan, I'll need the capabilities of inputing and displaying Japanese.

Great thanks to those people who put the efforts of developing this Japanese IME also tell people how to install it in HTC Universal. I'll just document here for notice about the process.

The original installation process was found in this forum thread. Carrie O'Kaye had a good summary of the installation steps and file locations to download necessary files. as I document here for a backup resource:

1. Download from SunMar's site.
2. Install "MS-Gothic Font for WM5" from Desktop Computer.
3. Install "Asian NLS for WM5" from Desktop Computer.
4. Download (but do not install yet) "Bagoj's IME for WM5".
5. Download and unpack from Bagoj.
6. Install "Bagoj's IME for WM5" from Desktop Computer, but BEFORE restarting the Pocket PC, copy the contents of qvgasips (Step 5) into the PocketPC's Windows directory. Then, soft-reboot the Pocket PC.

How to avoid the unwanted appearance of the IME floater
1. Download, unzip and copy GWinter's KbdSwitch to Program Files.
2. Run KbdSwitch and set to Japanese IME.
3. Soft-reboot.
4. As soon the Pocket PC starts up again, the IME should be in Japanese. Sometimes, it is not and so you may need to reset KbdSwitch to Japanese IME and restart a few times.
5. Run any application that may use the Japanese IME, i.e. dictionary and wordprocessor.
6. Switch back to English IME (COMP IME).
NB: The floater should only appear only in applications that you started with Japanese IME on. Also, remember that the "X" in the upper right corner of the windows is actually a "minimize" function.

EB Pocket download.

Later found another post from Brighthand forum that got a more complete list of links and steps to put HTC Universal into a Chinese / Japanese / Korean font all ok and have Japanese Input IME, the Chinese font is even better then the original one in Dopod 900, Excellent!!! just the thing I need!! document here for backup resource:

Original Bagoj Thread:
Asukal Website:
Asukal IME Screenies:
2005 IME Thread:
IME File:
Japanese Font file (WM5 ONLY):
Chinese/Japanese/Korean Font file (WM5 ONLY):
Keyboard switch: (see thread 2nd to last post on page 1)
Many many thanks to Asukal!!!!!! and Bagoj!

Me too!!! Many many thanks to Asukal and Bagoj!!!

It's actually little bit different on the process of installing Japanese IME in a Chinese enabled HTC Universal (Dopod 900). I'll post my steps here to help people who also have a Dopod 900 and like to have Japanese input and font display. (actually it's simpler)

1. Install Chinese/Japanese/Korean Font file (WM5 ONLY):
2. Install "Bagoj's IME for WM5" from SunMar's site.
3. BEFORE restarting the Pocket PC, copy the contents of qvgasips ( into the PocketPC's Windows directory. Then, soft-reboot the Pocket PC.
4. Soft-Reset, done!

Above steps worked in my Dopod 900 phone. The floating IME window do multiple when open new process. so just follow above links of description to stop that, then it should be ok starting to use Japanese IME in HTC Universal (Dopod 900)! thanks again to Asukal and Bagoj, you are the men!!!

I've tried HTC Universal (Dopod 900) in Japan by putting Vodafone's SIM card and proved working (it's same system as in Taiwan, UMTS / WCDMA), so that means I can just acquire a Vodafone number and start to use Dopod 900 here at Tokyo because now my Dopod 900 is reading Japanese! well, that's good and save money for buying a new cellphone. but, Japan's cellphones are really good and have nice functions and tightly integrated to mobile service sites created by telecom companies. it's hard to resist to buy a cellphone here, haha!

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