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What happened about 04/18 Newsgator outage...


As I noticed about the Newsgator outage yesterday, got Ronnie Gilberson's comment in response of the reasons today. thanks for the notice!

Based on Ronnie's post , it should be the SQL Server database inconsistency state that cause the database server down and not able to trigger the fail-over system, and would need to close whole system from outside internet traffic of queries to play back the log file to bring the database back. because of the large size of log file, it took a quite while for system to recover.

Although the main reason of the cause was still unclear, at least now people know what's going on behind the outage, and able to think theirselves that what may need to be done to prevent something like that in their own systems. Still appreciate people in Newsgator to bring the service back. and would like to know the real reasons of cause once you guys in Newsgator find out. thanks!

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Rexiology::Work said:

Newsgator was having an outage half month ago, and now it's down again. possible down time was...
# April 30, 2006 10:43 AM