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Another Tool List from MSDN blogs...


[via DotNetInterop in MSDN blogs]

Right after I saw James Avery's article in this month's MSDN magazine, there is another good tool-list post published today at DotNetInterop blog in MSDN blogs.

Some good stuffs like AnkhSVN (a VS.NET SVN addin) and Jalindi Igloo (a VS.NET CVS addin) should be very useful for people using those 2 main stream source control repositories (VSS should be main stream too...). Also another goodies and some others like CSAH that James also mentioned in magazine. I am going to evaluate NUint, TestDriven.NET, as well as CruiseControl.NET to further make my projects more automatic and healthy.

both of these 2 articles didn't mentioned one of my favorite tool, it's log4net , a logging framework for developers to write log files out while system running. it's another good stuff for debugging, and I do love it! maybe it's too "essential" a basic tool for every developer that worth not mentioning, anyway... :)

Tools never enough, especially good tools that really make developers / architects / PMs doing their works more efficiently!

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Paul Solheim said:

Hi Rex,

Great to get updates on essential developer tools.
Like you said log4net is a great logging tool.

Have you seen The Log4Net Dashboard?
we developed it to make it easier analyze the log and find bugs.

The developer version is free and can be downloaded from:

<A href=""></A>
# December 15, 2005 2:11 AM