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December 2005 - Posts

About the old RSS feed redirection of Feedburner...


Don't know if you can still see this post via your RSS reader.

just started from yesterday Feedburner had my old feed changed to a RSS redirect tag like this.

 <?xml version="1.0" ?> 

As I've tried to subscribe my old feed via Newsgator outlook edition, it just told me that this is not a valid RSS content. When I changed an existing feed setting to my old feed URL, the redirection "seems" working ok.

As started from yesterday of the rss redirection xml tags, today I saw from Feedburner report of my old feed, there were about 30 readers that still remained in the old feed url that should be re-directed. that's why my new rss feed had dropped about the same amount started from today (the previous 10 days Feedburner was doing internal re-direction that retriving content from new feed to the readers using old feed, so all the traffic went to new feed.)

In anyway I believe the rss redirection was working as expected. just in case if you as the readers not sure about your feed had been updated or not, please mannually change my feed in your rss reader to , thanks.

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