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September 2005 - Posts

Windows Vista PDC Build (5219) on VMWare Workstation 5...


Click for big image...

PDC 2005 was end. I was watching Bill Gates' keynote along with the new Windows Vista Demo and got very exciting to try out the new features. WinSuperSite had already got a review of this build, with many screenshots.

Yesterday I setup and installed the Windows Vista PDC build (5219) to try out those new features and found that actually those new (visual) features demo-ed at PDC keynote didn't appeared in this build. later found in WinSuperSite review and M-Dollar site , also Paul Thurrott's post that actually the Sidebar was not include in this build given in PDC. but strangly that I also couldn't do the Flip or Flip 3D task-switching and see the visual effects, which Paul seems can do it via a VPC installation (I was installing this build upon a VMWare Workstation 5)

There was difference between installing beta1 and this pre-Beta2 build. in beta1 installation it's needed to use SHIFT-F10 to open the command window and do "diskpart" utility to create partition before the installation. Although in this build's installation notes it still stated the same usage to create a partition in a RAW disk, I found that it's not able to be done. SHIFT-F10 won't bring the command window anymore. Instead, while the installing process, after entering the product key, when selecting the partition to install, there were some advanced options for user to create and format the partition, graphically. that is, now the diskpart utility have a GUI.

It's still needed to have a reboot after the partition was created. and then the newly created partition will become available in the select-partition setup page. all the rest remains the same as beta1 installation, it just configure everything without manually input other things. BUT Noticiably it took a HUGE disk size in this build. While my beta1 installation the virtual disk only took about 4GB size, but in this build, after the installtion was done and I can take the above screenshot, it took me almost 9.5GB of the virtual disk size, AMAZING...

Most of the source all said that the sidebar will be included in October CTP, I am expecting that...

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AJAX and JSON...


On my reading of Ajax.Net documents today, there is a keyword "JSON" appears sometimes.

A Windows Desktop Search found my PDCBlogger.NET feed that contains Steve Maine's blog post, which had a nice article talking about JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

[via Steve Maine, Brain.Save()]

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data exchange format that's becoming increasingly popular among the AJAX crowd. Several AJAX frameworks (e.g. Ajax.NET and Microsoft's 'Atlas' project) are embracing JSON on the wire because it's very simple to produce and consume from a JavaScript-based browser environment.

JSON and objects

Linguistically, JSON is nothing more than JavaScript's standard object initialization syntax. JScript has long has the ability to initialize objects using a lightweight syntax similar to the following: ...

(Continue to Read the whole post)

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Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 Released...


也是 CNet 今天的新聞, 微軟Office 2003 SP2 更新程式已經出來了. 可以到 微軟 Office 網站線上更新.

有在用 Windows SharePoint Service 的話, 它的 SP2 Service Packs也出來了.

[updated 3AM] Scott Hanselman just got an post about the installation of Office 2003 SP2.


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Wikibooks, Wikiversity...


剛剛從 CNet 英文版新聞看到的, 維基教科書網站 (Wikibooks) 旨在建立一個自由, 開放, 免費的教科書資料庫, 忠實的呈現 "人類的知識應屬於全體人類共有" 的開放源碼 (OpenSource) 精神.

大學畢業, 工作了幾年後, 覺得所學不足想再考研究所時, 發現以前大學的教科書都送給學弟妹找不到了怎麼辦? 大學時代每學期開學時都得花大把鈔票買厚厚但教授又不會全部章節都教完的教科書, 厚厚的一堆聖經級教科書課上完後學期結束捨不得丟放著參考往往成為年輕時代搬家時一次又一次的夢魘 (此為本人親身經歷). 維基教科書請大家一起來寫教科書, 並且也幫大家保存教科書.

有了維基教科書網站,大家可以隨時即時的去更新每個科目教科書的內容, 並且避免掉學者研究成果因為傳統教科書行銷體系架構的關係延遲讓更多人知道的時間. 就跟慢慢成熟的維基百科 (Wikipedia) 一樣, 維基教科書應該也會慢慢的在學術界上站穩腳步. (這也讓我想到麻省理工學院開放式課程計畫)

與前一陣子受到爭議Google 圖書館計畫策略不同. 維基教科書一開始的設定就在於自由開放源碼授權, 大家都可以加入相關的內容, 大家也可以免費的取用散佈所有的內容, 而 Google 的圖書計畫則一開始就是以傳統發行通路所製作的書籍為主. 雖然維基教科書的慢慢普及化勢必也會對主流出版商造成衝擊, 但是 Google 圖書館計畫所造成的即時正面衝擊相對來看要大上許多.

維基教科書 (Wikibooks) 目前只有約一萬多筆相關的教科書資料被登錄, 與目前有 74 萬多筆英文百科全書資料以及其他各種語言版本相同資料的維基百科 (Wikipedia) 比起來, 還是在一個很年輕的階段.

維基大學 (Wikiversity) 則是另一個以線上自由開放免費互動教育為目標的一個專案, 旨在建構一個人人都可以隨時學習的線上環境.

維基媒體基金會 (Wikimedia Foundation) 還有其他有趣的維基網站計畫正在進行.

傳統的智慧財產權相關通路, 正因為網際網路各種即時互動應用, 面臨越來越大的衝擊. 傳統的供應商及相關利益團體以及智慧財產權團體, 若只是一意孤行的貪戀舊日的甜蜜光景一味的打壓限制新科技所帶來的即時便利性, 那麼當新的智慧財產權經濟體系建構完成時, 傳統的供應商將會首先被所有的網路居民所遺棄. 大部分的人都認同智慧財產權的重要性, 但是大部分的人也樂意的擁抱能夠迅速廣泛傳播資訊的新科技 (P2P , Google Library Project, etc), P2P 的盛行證明了需求的大量, IPFI 等相關音樂團體, 為了維護舊時代的利益, 不斷的拿出不合時宜的法律對抗有創意的新科技, 以及原本應該付出更多的金錢才能取用資訊的使用者來打壓這樣的需求. 目前需要的, 應該是較符合時代潮流的新法律, 以及一個符合數位網際網路特性的新經濟體系. 而這些需要全世界繼續的嘗試並且集思廣益.

維基教科書 (Wikibooks) , 維基百科 (Wikipedia), 以及維基大學 (Wikiversity) 讓大家看到了知識共享的遠景. 但是在商言商, 能夠找出更適合網際網路資訊交流的經濟模式才能夠讓所有努力付出的人能夠有更實質的回報及動機, 成就更大的參與力以及凝聚力!

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Embracing AJAX...


Finally I got some time to really dig into articles talking about AJAX. I am going to do some AJAX tricks in my current project.

In the search of the proper AJAX wrapper for .NET , mostly the result came out to Ajax.Net , seems it's the most popular AJAX wrapper in .NET world. Microsoft also got an article talking about this. Wallace got a post with some useful links and a link to Michael Schwartz's interview.

Ajax.Net is having it's professional version. along with the source code all hosted in BrogWroX site. While fetching the source code from BrogWroX SVN Repository using TortoiseSVN, I found that SubVersion is really convenient, which all the traffic happening via HTTP / HTTPS, good for passing firewalls, which is the problem I am having now using a CVS / SSH repository, since many companies are blocking every ports except 80 / 443, and I am not able to access my repository while on-site at customers' office (a HTTP proxy to tunnel SSH traffic via HTTP should work, but sort of lazy to do so for now!).

On Ajax.Net professional version page I noticed a tool called Fiddler, which is a HTTP proxy for debugging Web Applications. Scott Hanselman got a post talking about this, along with other tools for web app debugging. Scott also got a post talking of his found about AJAX , also along with some other useful links. (thanks to Windows Desktop Search plus offline Newsgator Outlook Add-in so that I can quickly find all the related articles about AJAX in my subscribed offline feeds.)

I do like to try out that Atlas project. but since my current working project is still building upon .NET 1.1 , I am afraid I need to wait for my next project (Atlas need .NET framework 2.0).

while checking the Wikipedia page, I also found that Rico project is cool. it's an OpenSource JavaScript library for creating Rich Internet Applications (RIA), with full AJAX support. Backbase got a more fancy RIA UI also with AJAX support.

So, I am digging into those Ajax code, just like all the others do. this should give my project some different user experience that's not just form post-backs.

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XCopy ASP.NET Web Project Deployment with CVS as Source Repository...


When deploying an ASP.NET web project, generally lots of files are not needed to copy to the production environment. project files, solution files, compiled debugging files, .cs .vb source files, etc, for example.

If the source code was checked out from CVS server, there will be CVS meta data folders everywhere under each folder, makes things more difficult to manually select files to copy to the production server, especially if the web folder structure are complicated.

To prevent annoying hand copy of those files, an old but useful utility were always there for us: the CMD shell XCopy.exe !

A lovely tool in old DOS Era, the first copy utility that supports "recursively folder copy" that everyone used to use x86 Assembly Language or QBasic / Turbo Basic to implement his own. now it seems to be more powerful.

The /EXCLUDE option in XCopy.exe will be useful for deploying web project checked out from a CVS repository and avoid copying un-necessary files to the production environment, in a single command.

First create the exclude text file.

open and save a text file with string patterns that one wants to exclude, a SINGLE string pattern A LINE. XCopy should use string matching to the full path file name to determine if the file is needed to be excluded, in every file copying iteration.

for example of an exclude file for deploying a ASP.NET web project, the exclude file content should like:


it contains major C# and project extension names, along with the CVS folder name and some cvs related file names.

Do a DOS Batch file or Windows Scripting Host wsh file with simple cmd xcopy commands and include the exclude file, which should like this:

@if "%1" == "" goto defaultdir

@xcopy sourceweb\*.* %1 /E /Y /EXCLUDE:webexclude.txt
@xcopy sourceweb\*.css %1 /E /Y /EXCLUDE:webexcludefolders.txt
@goto end


@echo ----------------------------------------------
@echo No distination folder specified!!
@echo Copy files to network drive T:\ (the production network folder)
@echo ----------------------------------------------

@xcopy sourceweb\*.*  T:\ /E /Y /EXCLUDE:webexclude.txt
@xcopy sourceweb\*.css T:\ /E /Y /EXCLUDE:webexcludefolders.txt

@goto end

@echo Copy all the files ok...
@echo Press any key to continue...

Using /E to recursively copy sub-folders (including folder with empty files) to the destination folder ( /S is like /E except it will not copy folders that have no files inside). Using /Y to auto answer Y when same file names exist in the destination folder.

Beware that when excluding .cs file inside the exclude file, it will also exclude .css (Cascading Style Sheet file) files because xcopy uses partial string matching. therefore another exclude file need to be created (to exclude those CVS meta folder) and another xcopy with only .css files is needed.

Above batch file accepts a parameter to specify destination folder. if the parameter is empty, then it uses the pre-set network folder T:\ as the destination, which should be assigned as the production web folder. to prevent the network permission errors while XCopying, access the network folder and input the login and password first.

This should make deployment of a website project not that annoying...

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Happy 7th Birthday, Google!


剛剛從 Slashdot 知道, 也從 Google 搜尋頁面可愛蛋糕造型知道, 今天是 Google 七歲的生日. 七年的時間, 從一個小小的搜尋引擎公司, 變成了全世界每個人網路生活不可或缺的一部份. 這樣的成就的確值得喝采.

趕在台灣 9/27 結束前趕快道賀一聲~~

生日快樂 / Happy Birthday / お誕生日おめでとう~~~

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Posted: 2005/9/27 23:33 by rextangtw
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Microsoft Web Control TreeView tips...


For quick prototyping, my project is using Microsoft Web Control's TreeView Server Control to display tree menu items.

Microsoft provide a Web Control for ASP.NET to use, which had a small but nice TreeView control to use in the applications. it is contained in a DLL named Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll . just get it into the Visual Studio Toolbox and will be able to drag-n-drop into WebForm to use.

We used XML file to construct the menu tree, and point it to the TreeView control via its TreeNodeSrc property. the xml file was at the same directory as the displaying aspx file.

Problem arised. if we set the whole site with anonymous access, everything worked fine; when switch to Windows Authentication (via IIS), then the TreeView Control won't find the xml file anymore. it just kept displaying the error message:

"There is invalid data at the root level. Line 1, position 1 ."

This seemed to be another usual problem in using this control. This page showed about the problem too, but it used inline tree definition instead of xml file.

The cause of this error should be that the TreeView Control read an empty xml tree into the XML object thus unable to parse it. there should be some sort of permission that disabled the control from reading the file. a quick workaround will be ONLY set the directory that contains the xml file with anonymous access (also via IIS), and the menu will show up right.

another common problem was to let the Common Files that Microsoft Web Control uses to other directory instead of the root directory under /webctrl_client/1_0/ . this page provided the solution. just set up the properties via web.config file:

Put the followings in web.config of your application <configuration> section

<section name="MicrosoftWebControls"
type="System.Configuration.NameValueSectionHandler, System,
Version=1.0.3300.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" />


    <add key="CommonFiles" value="/myapp/mydir/" />

Replace "/myapp/mydir" with your path and copy the files from
wwwroot\webctrl_client\1_0 in <mydir> and will be OK;

thanks Dumitru!

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User Context Switch in CVSNT / Cygwin OpenSSH sshd / RSA Authentication...


It seems to be an old problem but still remains.

I am currently using CVSNT as my projects' source control server. with Cygwin OpenSSH as the SSH layer, and client side using TortoiseCVS to interact with the server.

I'll do a post about installing the server side components if I have time (CVSNT with Cygwin OpenSSH enabled), it's little bit tricky but I've managed to get it run anyway.

Everything seems fine until recently I found from checking my source code's history. The author name was not correct as it showed the system service name instead of login user name.

A search via Google indicates the problem was caused by OpenSSH's RSA Authentication. yes, I was using public key authentication to auto login to my SSH session without entering password. and that's why it caused the author name became the service name (sshd's service account name, usually SYSTEM or sshd_server as the cygwin OpenSSH default name).

Seems the OpenSSH code for RSA Authentication still not changed since 2001. To work around this (not switch to VShell by VanDyke, which is good but needs license fee), I'll have to give up using public key authentication and switch back to password authentication. It did work, after switching back to password authentication, the author name was corrected back to the login session name (which is my name).

How to prevent manually input password everytime when TortoiseCVS initiate a cvs session via TortoisePLink.exe? The answer is to put the password in TortoiseCVS's SSH parameters in the Preferences dialogue box, under the Tools tab. the usual one is like:

SSH Parameters (:ext: only) : -l "%u" "%h"

to let the password auto input in the command, using -pw option:

SSH Parameters (:ext: only) : -l "%u" -pw your-passed "%h"

this should work-around the author name not correct problem, although not very good, since we left the password un-encrypted in the application. but it should still be ok since the command is transferred via a encypted SSH tunnel.

Now this should be a full funtional FREE and Secure CVS server under Windows 2003 platform, without big problems.

Let me know if there are better work-around, thanks.

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台灣 TechEd 2005 開跑 (10/27~29)...


CNet 新聞今天的報導, 一年一度的台灣微軟 TechEd 2005 即將於本週 27~29 日三天於台北國際會議中心舉行.

因為今年跑去參加了在美國 Florida Orlando 的 TechEd 2005 USA, 因此今年在台灣的 TechEd 就不參加了.

前一陣子有收到美國 TechEd 2005 所寄來的大會光碟, 將所有的場次的演講聲音及投影片收錄在裡面, 就跟在網路上所能看到的版本是一樣的, 總共有四片 DVD 的超大容量. 感覺到美國 TechEd 在製作上的用心.

剛剛去看了一下今年台灣 TechEd 的網站 (今年是由 ITHome 接手整個 Event 相關業務) , 一進去第一個印象就是... 怎麼速度這麼慢, 跑一個網頁要等好久. 另外台灣 TechEd Blog 的製作也沒有美國  TechEd Bloggers 那樣的豐富 (不知道他們有沒有跟美國 TechEd Bloggers 一樣用 RSS 拉每個有註冊的人自己 blog 內的相關文章), 另外就是很納悶的所謂 TechEd Girls 選拔. 似乎台灣的資訊展 / 研討會好像都搭上了 Show Girl 的列車. 一般的資訊展就算了, 參加的群眾比較普遍, 加上有電玩遊戲的廠商, 有 Show Girl 還算正常. 但是, 一個專業的研討會, 又加入了 Show Girl 的元素, 會不會有點怪怪的. 挺不搭的感覺.

不過今年台灣的 TechEd 也有許多值得一聽的講師助陣, 例如龔克文 (台灣 MCS Principle Architect) 所講的 SOA 相關 Session, 以及林耀珍 (台灣區 Microsoft Regional Director) 所講的 Globalization 相關 session, 還有李匡正所講的 Visual Studio 2005 Team System 相關 Session 都很值得一聽 (我對 Architecture 相關的 Session 比較有興趣). 今年所有 session 的資訊在這裡.

這次去參加美國的 TechEd 2005 USA 相關的 post 在這裡. 我有跟 Don Box 合照. :p

說到研討會, 不得不提一下剛剛落幕不久的 PDC 2005.

今年的 PDC 2005 可以說是一個重要的研討會, 因為 11 月微軟即將要發表三大重要產品, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, 以及 Biztalk 2006, 因此在這次的 PDC 上有很多的相關 Session 針對這些產品對於開發者相關的議題有許多相關的研討內容. 這次 PDC 的 Keynote 由 Bill Gates 所主講, 裡面有許多 Windows Vista (新的 PDC post beta1 build 5219 多了很多新東西) 以及 Office 12 的 Demo , 加上微軟組織重整後即將退休的 VP Jim Allchin 所談的下一代 Windows 平台, 整個 keynotes 有三個多小時, 十分值得一聽 (前面剛開始時聲音沒收好, 約一分鐘後就正常了), 另外在 WinSuperSite 中也收錄了許多值得一看的 PDC05 Video.

另外在這次 PDC 揭露的幾個新技術, LINQ project , Windows Workflow Foundation, Atlas project 等等, 都是值得一看的技術, Robert Burke 的 post 有相關的介紹. 另外今天早上從 David Hayden 的 post 看到的 DLinq (傳說中的 Object Spaces), 微軟針對 SQL Server 所做的  O/R Mapper, 也是很有趣的一個東西.

2006 年看起來會是個很好玩的一年~

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MSN Messenger 7.5 加上 MSN Search 功能...


剛剛從 CNet 新聞看到的, 現在 MSN Messenger 7.5 交談視窗的傳送鈕分為上下兩部分, 下方會出現搜尋的按鍵. 當打完字要送出時, 如果是用下面的搜尋鈕, 除了送出該字串到對方的視窗外, 也會在交談視窗中顯示兩筆 MSN Search 用剛剛送出字串所搜尋到的結果. 其實下午用 MSN Messenger 在談事情的時候就發現了, 但是沒有特別注意. 剛剛找了一下 TechnoratiTags, 好像也沒有相關報導. CNet 英文網站也沒有, 這次 CNet 台灣中文網站洪夢霜記者手腳倒是挺快的~

這樣的概念感覺還不錯, 直接在 MSN 交談裡面接上搜尋的內容, 不夠的話再給一個連結開啟視窗來看比較完整的搜尋結果.

不過讓我感覺很恐怖的是, 微軟這次 "偷偷的" 把功能加上去, 而沒有提醒使用者要更新軟體. 自動更新是很不錯, 但是沒有被通知的感覺就好像自己的電腦只要裝了 MSN, 那微軟隨時都可以進來似的. 下次還是告知一下比較好吧. 人家 Acrobat Reader 就會講~

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NHibernate 1.0 RC1 ( was out...


ok. it's been a while not getting into some serious development projects, as I was busy preparing my Japanese Proficiency Test coming at December. now my new project is getting into building fundamental application blocks and I decided to improve my O/R Mapping framework done at previous project to implement a more stable Repository for my new system.

I'll continue using NHibernate as my O/R Mapper. thus as I was checking the website, found that it's now in 1.0 RC1 stage. check out the release notes before you are going to use it.

Time to start rocking some code~

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Build (1.0-rc1)

Breaking changes to external API:
- Updated to a newer version of Castle.DynamicProxy.
  WARNING: this new version has the same number ( as the version used
           by the previous release of NHibernate, but the binaries are in fact
           different and the old will not work with 1.0-rc1.
- NHibernate no longer configures log4net internally. It is now up to the user
  to configure logging.
- Accessing a disposed or closed ISession or ITransaction now causes
  an ObjectDisposedException. HibernateException or TransactionException could
  be thrown in this case before, such cases were also changed to
  throw ObjectDisposedException.
- Renamed SQLExpression to SQLCriterion per Hibernate 2.1. Now, {alias} should
  be used instead of $alias in SQL criteria.
- Unused constructors for some exceptions were removed.

Breaking changes to NHibernate extension interfaces:
- Renamed IClassPersister.IsDefaultVersion to IsUnsavedVersion. It now takes
  as argument an array of property values instead of an object.
- Renamed IClassPersister.CurrentVersion to GetCurrentVersion to follow naming
  conventions closer.
- Fixed MatchMode.Start and MatchMode.End for Like expressions, their meanings
  were reversed.
- Dialect.AddIdentitySelectToInsert should now return null if the functionality
  is not supported, instead of throwing an exception.

Bug fixes and enhancements:
- Ported almost all remaining Hibernate 2.1 features to NHibernate:
  * subcriteria
  * meta attributes
  * optimistic-lock setting
  * query cache
  * select-before-update
  * batch lazy loading
  * dynamic components
  Missing features are Databinder, ScrollableResults and SchemaUpdate.
- Allow serializing an unflushed session (NH-292, Yves Dierick).
- Check that composite id classes override GetHashCode and Equals.
- Throw QueryException when attempting to fetch multiple collections in
  a query.
- Added a SectionHandler to allow using .cfg.xml syntax to configure NHibernate
  from App.config files. (This was already part of 0.9.1 release but was not
  announced in the release notes.)
- Fixed bug when using joined-subclass with key-many-to-one (NH-369).
- Added IType implementations and constants in NHibernateUtil for unsigned
  integer types.
- Added index attribute for <property>.
- SchemaExport now generates SQL to create an index when index attribute is
  used on <property> or <column>.
- SchemaExport will add an "if exists" clause to "drop table" statement,
  if supported by the dialect.
- Heavy refactoring of the documentation; it now contains the documentation for
  NHibernate Contributions.
- Fixed a bug when generating a TOP clause for MS SQL Server - the whole SQL
  string was being converted to lower case.

水男孩 Water Boys 2005 夏 SP...


日本富士電視台今年 8/19 , 8/20 剛播完的單元劇, 官方網站在這裡. 算是水男孩系列的續曲. 水男孩這一系列日劇/電影, 雖然光聽名字可能覺得應該沒什麼好看的 ("男子水上芭蕾!?",  "シンクロ!?", 我一開始就是這麼想的, 所以根本不想看), 但是看完之後絕對會被感動. 也是列為看日劇的話一定要看的人氣話題日劇 (水男孩 1 , 水男孩 2 , 水男孩電影版)

這部 SP 是以水男孩 1 為基礎, 並且跟琉璃之島到鳩間島拍攝一樣模式, 遠赴日本南方的奄美大島來拍攝. 故事敘述自水男孩 1 之後, 由瑛太飾演的男主角雖然考上了東大, 但是卻不是進入第一志願的醫學院, 而是先進入農學院就讀並且準備轉系, 因此對於高三暑假參加男子水上芭蕾公演的事不諒解自己. 不料學期期末考時因為睡過頭而面臨了快被留級的成績, 在再三懇求教授下, 教授要他要南方島嶼上與相識友人進行畜產修行並且提出報告才讓他 pass. 於是, 瑛太就來到了這個美麗的島嶼... 養豬. 結果糊里糊塗的因為島上居民的鼓譟, 成為了男子水上芭蕾 (シンクロ) 的教練, 帶領一群即將畢業的高中生, 完成了水上芭蕾的感人表演.

本 SP 的演員陣容也頗堅強, 除了瑛太以外, 第一集的香椎由宇, 真鍋かおり也參與了演出. 真鍋かおり雖然這次只是客串的在前集出現了一下子交代一下教練換人的劇情, 但是她也在她的 blog 裡寫下了關於這次拍攝的一些事情. 另外還有演出網球甜心以及女排NO.1酒井彩名以及目前很有人氣並且也有參與琉璃之島演出的小希真奈美等等.

這部 SP 雖然沒有水男孩 1 / 2 來的那麼的感人, 畢竟 SP 只有兩個多小時, 可以發揮的有限. 但是繼 2001 年底水男孩電影, 2003 年 7 月水男孩 1 , 2004 年 7 月水男孩 2 以後, 在 2005 年再推出一部 SP, 也算是喚起大家對於男子水上芭蕾的美好回憶吧~

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夏季檔的日劇陸續播完了, 上週龍櫻播完了, 最後有三個考上東大, 兩個人落榜, 但是大家學到了比考上東大更重要的東西. Slow Dance 播完了, 有情人終成眷屬, 雖然步調緩慢. 電車男本來以為上週會播完, 結果沒有, 會播滿十一集. 原來上上星期停播的可能原因是電車男劇組跑到義大利出外景了. 可能想說快殺青了到國外玩一玩吧. 真正的電車男完結篇在本週四日本播出, 而且是九十分鐘加長版. 十分的令人期待.

秋季檔的相關日劇資訊還不是很齊全, 可能要在一兩個星期才會明朗化. 在這個夏秋交替的空檔, 可以看一下由瑛太與首次演出戲劇的大塚愛所演出的這部劇集, Tokyo Friends. 該劇的主題曲就是由大塚愛所唱的 フレンズ(Friends) (線上試聽),  全部五集, 350 分鐘, DVD 在日本已於 6 月 8 日推出, 並且預計在明年(2006)推出電影版.

故事用一句話貫穿主題: "一番最初に描いた夢を、貴方は今も、覚えてる?". 描述由大塚愛所飾演的女主角懷抱著夢想從家鄉的小漁村來到東京闖天下. 在一間賣蕃茄茶泡飯的居酒屋中打工, 因而認識其他同是懷抱夢想到東京來的同伴, 並且在因緣際會下, 加入了一個樂團, 因而開始了唱歌生涯, 以及與同伴間所發生的種種事情進而襯托出夢想跟友情的重要的故事. 大公報有這部劇集的相關報導. 另外根據相關報導, 這部劇集的導演是永山耕三, 曾經擔任東京愛情故事, 長假, 以及同一屋簷下的導演, 因此這部劇集的品質有一定的水準, 再加上目前大塚愛的人氣, 想必在日本應該是相當的暢銷才是.

我目前看到第三集, 覺得還滿好看的. 特別注意到的是在第一集的片尾曲 To Me, 挺震撼的, 非常的好聽, 從 Janica 的 post 裡才知道原來是一個叫 Boo Bee Benz 的樂團的歌曲. 但是我也覺得由大塚愛唱出來很有感覺, 很好聽. 不過看了 東京 Friends 官方網站以及找了一下 Google, 倒是發現好像沒有出版由大塚愛所演唱的版本, 小小的遺憾.



[Updated 2005/10/13]

剛剛發現日本 goo 音樂有為 Tokyo Friends 這部單元劇做了一個特輯網站, 裡面有許多訪問影音檔及資料可以參考.

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今年美國微軟一年一度的 PDC (Professional Developer Conference) 2005 前天 (9/13) 在洛杉磯熱鬧展開了. 因為今年六月已經參加過美國的 TechEd 2005, 這個只好忍痛不參加 (旅費實在是很貴啊!) , 不過每年到國外參加一個世界級的研討會應該會是個不錯的充電方式.

Google 昨天推出blog search 的服務, 國二菜鳥已經有相關的評論, 可以直接參考. 微軟 PDC 上宣布了一堆新的東西,  Google 一直在推出新的服務, eBay 買了 Skype, 最近的 blog 界新的 I.T. 新聞實在是多到看的速度趕不上增加的速度. 還好有 RSS, 不然哪有時間在網路上到處逛.

今天早上看了一下 Google 自己的 blog, 裡面針對昨天華盛頓州法院對於李開復跳槽案的裁決作了相關的回應. 在這邊 blog post 的最後, 有特別說明了看的懂中文的朋友可以參考一下李博士的中文網站. 花了一些時間把李博士寫給中國學生的信系列文章讀過. 覺得十分受用.

李博士說: 大學是人一生中最為關鍵的階段。從入學的第一天起,你就應當對大學四年有一個正確的認識和規劃。為了在學習中享受到最大的快樂,為了在畢業時找到自己最喜愛的工作,每一個剛進入大學校園的人都應當掌握七項學習:學習自修之道、基礎知識、實踐貫通、興趣培養、積極主動、掌控時間、為人處事。只要做好了這七點,大學生臨到畢業時的最大收穫就絕不會是“對什麼都沒有的忍耐和適應”,而應當是“對什麼都可以有的自信和渴望”。只要做好了這七點,你就能成為一個有潛力、有思想、有價值、有前途的快樂的畢業生。

李博士針對大學生在求學過程中所會遇到的問題細細揣摩, 並且給予建議. 另外並且討論如何以大學生涯為基礎, 讓自己往卓越, 成功, 以及快樂之路邁進. 他的這一系列文章不僅是對於中國的學生受用, 相信對於世界的學生來說, 都是十分的實用才是. 相關連結如下:

李開復 - 給中國學生的一封信, 從誠信談起... (開複學生網簡體中文版 , 自行轉換繁體中文版)

李開復 - 給中國學生的第二封信, 從優秀到卓越...  (開複學生網簡體中文版 , 自行轉換繁體中文版)

李開復 - 給中國學生的第三封信, 成功、自信、快樂... (開複學生網簡體中文版 , 自行轉換繁體中文版)

李開復 - 給中國學生的第四封信, 大學四年應是這樣度過... (開複學生網簡體中文版 , 自行轉換繁體中文版)

李開復 - 大學裏最重要的七項學習...  (開複學生網簡體中文版 , 自行轉換繁體中文版)


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