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July 2005 - Posts

Technorati is not linking or tagging my posts...


Just found those days that Technorati Tags was not indexing my posts here at , but still indexing those crossposts at my MSN Spaces. the last index posts were six days ago from now.

Just did a check to all my firewall settings as well as spammer blocking settings, seems nothing special related to Technorati site.

A search to Google found that not only me having this problem. Hans on Experience post and comments indicated this problem at July 14.

Found Technorati founder and CEO David Sifry's blog via Hans on Experience post. also I've sent a problem report to Technorati Contact. wish they process my problem as fast as they did to other people

[Updated 2005/08/01 12PM] Technorati is really listening!!!

Just couple hours after a sleep and in office now, David had dropped me couple comments asking me if everything is working well. and finally it worked, Technorati is indexing my site again (refer to comments of this post)!

Really impressed of this quick response of Technorati! really efficient!!!!!


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電車男 原始對話網站...


昨天剛看完了電車男第四集. 在網路上閒晃想看看大家的感想時, 無意間發現了之前搜尋一直都忽略掉的第一個搜尋結果, 竟然就是電車男的原始網站, 所有真實對話紀錄的完整收錄!!

看起來這個真實的故事是發生在去年的三月開始. 在看電視劇的時候實在是笑到不行, 可能因為自己也是網路工作者的關係吧, 很多地方頗能體會, 那種透過網路跟很多人聯繫交換感想的感覺. 其實就跟現在看很多人的 blog, 有感想時留下 comments 是一樣的道理. 或許正因為也是標準的 "Net Surfer", 所以對於這樣的一部以網路為主題的真實故事十分的有共鳴吧! (當然伊東美咲也是原因之一囉!)

原始網站裡其中特色之一就是很多的文字圖像. 我記得這個在當年 BBS 的年代十分的流行, 甚至有人寫程式專門把真正的圖像轉換為文字圖像方便大家放圖在 BBS 上. 只是不知道原來在日本還是很流行啊.

好笑的日文真實生活對話內容, 充分反應出日文日常生活用語, 我想閱讀這樣的一個網站對於學習日文應該也很有幫助才是. 重點是用這樣的方式學習日文會讓學習本身變的有趣. 語言應該就是要時常接觸才會變的熟悉...

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Windows Vista beta1 on VMWare 5...


click for big image...

Finally I finished downloading Windows Vista beta1 last night, and made a successful installation on VMWare WorkStatoin 5 build 13124.

Before intall, I've refered to Robert McLaws's post at Longhorn Blogs, that this beta will not install on a RAW disk (also stated at Release Notes inside the beta1 image). So I've just followed the instructions using Diskpart utility to create partition on my newly created VMWare disk. it took some time to get it done, needed to get familiar with that command line commands. after all, for create a partition using Diskpart utility for installing Vista beta1, while boot up the VM via Vista1 image, press Shift-F10 to launch a command window, then type "diskpart" to start the program. in diskpart command line, first type "select disk 0" to select the first disk (or use "list disk" to list available disk to select), then just type "create partition primary" to create the partition with all the disk space. Reboot the VM and it will be ready to install the Vista beta1 image. just follow the setup window, the installation is a smooth process without any trouble (although have to wait for a long time to let setup finish the whole process).

After the OS was successfully installed, I started to install VMWare Tools. it seems that VMWare Tools can install without problem. but I did notice that sound driver and network driver didn't install properly. a search to Google find Eric Hammersley's post about this issue. just go to VMWare Tools folder and reinstall the network driver will do. for other observations about Vista beta1 on VMWare 5, refer to Eric's post in details.

Most of applications can install on Vista beta1. but some applications tightly to OS may fail or unable to install. for example, I was not able to install Norton AntiVirus 2004 Pro on Vista beta1 since it detected an unsupported OS and refuse to install itself.

about the regional settings. no more "Asian Language Packs" are needed. seems it's built in while installation. I can also install commonly using IMEs (OS provided, or the commonly used "Going32" IME). but for non-Unicode part, to let old Chinese document (Big-5, non-Unicode) display correctly, it's still needed to change that "Select a language for non-unicode programs" under Regional settings of Control Panel to Chinese.

by the way, I create this VM by selecting guest OS to "Longhorn (experimental)", and things just going well (I used to install longhorn 4074 in the same way but not work out, the installation was success but the video driver can not be found and the VM ran extremely slow). I think Virtual PC will success in this Vista beta1 image, too.

The UI is little bit different and I noticed IE7 is sort of cool, especially that RSS support. will find some other time to dig more into this Vista beta1 later.

well, nice work, Microsoft!

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2005 乙酉年野台開唱開始~



Date: 29 30 31, July, 2005
Time: 17:00~23:00
Venue: 台北市兒童育樂中心 TCRC Center, Taipei
Stage: 風.林.火.山.電 五個舞台, 水.爽等十個主題區
Organizer: TRA Music Corporation


[via Yahoo! Music]

今年確定開唱的國外樂團有獲多項葛來美獎並為全球當紅電音搖滾藝人「 MOBY 魔比」、還有獲葛萊美與全英音樂獎提名的美國知名創作女藝人「麗莎洛普 Lisa Lob 」、日本流行樂界超人氣日本高校搞怪樂團「氣志團」、日本富士音樂祭代表樂團「 KEMURI 」、以及龐克搖滾人氣樂團「 The Vickers 」、「 Last Target 」、香港知名樂手「李嘉強」、「 at17 」、「 Pixel Toy 」等等。國內則有「生祥與瓦窯坑 3 」、「好客樂隊」、「閃靈」、「 Tizzy Bac 」、「四分衛」、「 Mojo 」、「濁水溪公社」、「大囍門」、「旺福」、「圖騰」、「XL」、「鈑機」、「拾參」、「 1976 」等知名創作樂團熱血開唱。

十三大主題區、夜晚的搖滾樂園!包括攝影展、獨立影展、摔角體育競技、民俗 SPA 、裝置藝術、各國美食專區、獨立廠牌、另類搖滾服飾店鋪!一踏入會場就讓人熱血沸騰!




現場購票 nt$900, 三天連票現場 nt$1500, 預售連票 nt$1200.




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Visual Studio Team System Rocks...


So, finally I finished the current project which lasting for about 3 months. it's onlined at customer's intranet and B2B network and is in final stablizing stage. we are now closing the source tree for the preparation of source deliverables. That means, after discussion with my boss couple days ago, I'll have couple months of time to dig into those new Microsoft products and technologies (and of course some other open-sourced projects).

one of the things I am going to invest my time is those continuous integration tools. to integrate those tools to build a more solid solution devleopment process will efficiently scale and speed up team working collaboration as well as the quality of software solution deliverables.

Visual Studio 2005 is currently in July CTP stage and expected to release at this November (press link) along with SQL Server 2005 and BizTalk 2006. the Team System is one of the new things in VS2005. as it combined tools, IDE, and methodologies together to form a complete platform for software project management, it's important for PM, Architect, Developer as well as Tester to understand those methodologies and tools.

Beside Rob Caron's blog, just found Team System Rocks site via Miguel Campos's blog. this site features many useful links for understanding better about using Team System on daily works. this should be a nice site to read this weekend.


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Windows Vista FAQ...


Windows Vista Home...


As Windows Vista beta 1 is coming out soon at 7/27 according to many news source, here is a nice FAQ to let you understand things about Windows Vista.

Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows has updated the Windows Longhorn FAQ: Now the Windows Vista FAQ.


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Hey Mr. Deejay, mix with your iPod via Numark iDJ, wow!


 Numark iDJ two-channel mixer

[via CNET]

1996 年底, 愛聽音樂的我, 大學時代中期開始搞 DJ. Radio DJing, Disco DJing 什麼都玩, 跑遍台北大大小小的 pub / out door party 聽音樂.

98 年買了平生第一套整組的 DJ 設備 Pioneer CDJ500 x 2 + Proneer DJM 500 mixer. 大學期末專題寫網路廣播電台, 工作初期搞網路廣播電台, 線上隨選音樂資料庫. 自己錄節目, 自己寫網站, 窩在那小小的男八宿舍裡.

從黑膠唱片玩到自己買的 CD-TurnTable, 媒體也從黑膠唱片慢慢變成了 CD / DVD, 下一步是什麼呢?

雖然慢慢的淡出了夜生活圈 (年輕時該玩的都玩夠了!), 但是偶而會看到現在的 DJ 都慢慢的開始用電腦來整理音樂和放歌了. 當然, Scratch 還是黑膠唱片的特權, 電子模擬出來的 Scratch 還是略遜一籌的. 就像 CD 再怎麼聽也不會有黑膠唱片的那種類比音質感覺是一樣的道理. 有些東西, 數位的還是沒有辦法的!

真是懷念的年輕歲月啊~ 但是這不是這篇要講的重點!

有在玩 DJ 的應該都對 Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Technics, Vestax 這些廠牌很熟悉才是. 在 CNet 的新聞 blog 看到 Numark 出了一款我心目中理想的, 結合了 DJing 功能以及最新科技運用的 Mixer, iDJ.

如圖所示, 它是一台雙軌的 mixer, 主要的輸入是兩台 iPod! 對, iPod, 各種型號的 iPod! 這很讚!

三段式高中低音 EQ 調整 + Gain control, 有 Cross Fade, 還有黑膠唱片微調速模擬器 (turntable spindle receptacle), 有一個耳機輸入, 可以調 tone 跟 level, 另外還有兩個 input 可以接其他的 Phone/line音源輸入 (所以總共有4個音源輸入). 與新科技整合的地方在於他有 USB! 也就是可以接電腦, 把電腦裡的音樂也拿來用 (這實在很讚!).  不過, 他沒有定速器 (Pitch control), 也沒有方便的 BPM counter... Orz...

所以說, 有了這個, 再買兩台 iPod, 帶著你的 notebook, 接場子趕場子的時候就不用大包小包的了~

(回想著當年每年年底耶誕節新年 party 時帶著兩個大訂作箱子設備趕場的情景~~~)

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Book: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler


I think it should be the BASIC for advanced developers as well as solution architects to be able to

1. Read a pattern
2. Understand a pattern
3. Implement a pattern
4. Merge a pattern into solutions

Martin Fowler is a noted software engineer expert. His book "Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture" (Addison Wesley) is a very good reference for designing and developing large scale enterprise applications.

in part 2 of the book, from chapter 10 to chapter 13 covered many patterns related to Object-Relational Mapping. As I am in the search of finding a better way to manage my NHibernate code, especially in session management perspectives, I found chapter 13, Object Relational Metadata Mapping Patterns, would be a good reference to start from (which Scott Bellware hinted me while the conversation in MCP party during TechEd 2005 USA).

It's a good book that developers should get one beside...


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Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator...


[via Technorati Tags: ] [via Joseph Scott]

Should be today's big news, Yahoo! acquires Konfabulator!

Konfabulator is a widget engine to host JavaScript based small widget programs (my post here and introduction in Chinese here). as stated at Konfabulator's website, that's why people who installed latest version (v2.1) of Konfabulator won't be prompted that "purchase" dialogue anymore, cause Yahoo! acquired it and make it totally free now, also opened it's XML APIs for developers to develop more internet related programs that won't be hosted by main stream browsers but Konfabulator! another path to expose more content, as what Yahoo! was planned.

Therefore, interesting battles among Yahoo! , Google , and Microsoft...


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Virtual Earth (Beta) Launched!


[via Andrew Connell]

Finally, People can see how Microsoft acted to Google Earth and Google Maps by visiting Virtual Earth (beta).

The Scratch Pad is nice and convenient when searching places. I am impressed by it's search "What" and "Where" capabilities, which is different from Google Maps. Search result grouping is nice too.

Virtual Earth can layer aerial photo and route map together to form the search result, which is the same as what Google Maps had. but one thing found that's weak, compared to Google Maps, is that the integration of Routing Directions. using drive-to or drive-from features in Virtual Earth opens new window linking to Microsoft Maps and need to copy-paste another end-route information from Virtual Earth, which is not as convenient as what Google Maps was did. Many features promised by Bill Gates at E3 conference (my post in Chinese) also not yet implemented. since it's a Beta release, I am looking forward of those features in the nearly future.

Other things to mention, Virtual Earch only contains aerial photos of United States, other area on the planet were only roughly photo data, as for example, Taipei (noticed this pic already zoomed-in to 100%):

compared to what Google Earth and Google Maps can offer, the content of map data store of Virtual Earth seems little bit less than what Google had.

as what Andrew updated, there is already a site of developing resource for Virtual Earth, named Via Virtual Earth. also, some simple url parameters can let one compose ones own map url to fit into ones application (refer to Virtual Earth help info).

by comparing Virtual Earth (Beta) with Google Maps ( Google Earth should count as a client side software, although it should use the same map data store with Google Maps), seems this time Microsoft really faces a big challenge against Google company...


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最近在日本吹起了電車男風潮. 聽說是一個真人真事的網路故事. 故事敘述一個秋葉原系(電玩痴)御宅族(窩在家裡不出門玩電腦打電動之類的人)電車男, 在一次搭電車回家時, 解救了被電車醉漢騷擾的美女エルメス(愛馬仕)小姐(因為後來美女回禮時送了HERMES的茶杯而得名), 進而發展的一段戀情. 整個故事好看之處在於在整個過程中, 男主角為了解決種種問題而求助於網路留言版, 在網路族群的幫助下, 解決種種困難, 而整個網路族群也因為這樣而成長的一種感動.

根據台灣日本綜合研究所的報導, 電車男小說在去年 10 月初版, 到今年六月已經增刷超過 100 萬冊(台灣微風紀伊國書屋現在也有在賣), 而由東寶映畫所拍攝, 山田孝之中谷美紀所主演的電車男電影版, 六月四日在日本上映, 在六月19日超過了100萬人次, 七月13日超過200萬人次的觀映人數, 創造出26億9千萬日圓票房的耀眼成績 (相關報導在此), 並且也將在亞洲各地上映(包括台灣).

七月七日開始, 日本富士電視台每週四晚間十點開始播出電車男日劇版, 由伊藤淳史伊東美咲飾演男女主角, 而這也是伊東美咲第一次擔綱飾演日劇女主角的演出. 目前已經播出第三集, 十分的令人期待.

故事所發生的日本留言版 2 channel , 這裡也有相關的介紹跟報導.

日劇官方網站 | 日劇 介紹 | 電影官方網站 | 電影 介紹


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Summer Time...


Enjoy the water...

Surfing day...

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緯來八月一日晚上九點起, ラストクリスマス (愛在聖誕節)...


去年年底在日本創下平均21.54%高收視率的好看日劇, Last Christmas (愛在聖誕節, 另譯 最後的聖誕節) . 緯來將在八月一日台灣首播, 每天晚上九點, 十二點重播.

本片類型屬於東京商社型中年菁英份子辦公室生活愛情喜劇. 第一幕即前往紐西蘭滑雪勝地拍攝外景. 由織田裕二矢田亞希子擔任男女主角. 在紐西蘭公出偶遇的公司同事, 沒想到竟然搬到自己家旁邊, 而且, 兩個房間本來是同一住戶, 所以牆壁上留下了一道可以通往另一房間的門. 故事就是從這道門開始的.


雖然今年年初已經看過一遍了, 但是這樣每天下班看一點再看一次的感覺還是挺期待的~

沒看過的不要錯過~ 不喜歡熱血青春東京郊外不知名高中愛情運動小品 (雖然我覺得也不錯)的也不要錯過~

日本官方網站 | 日本官方 Flash 網站 (還在!) | 介紹 | 官方網站各集介紹 | 各集介紹自己的存檔 (使用平假名眼鏡注音閱讀)



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Posted: 2005/7/20 0:27 by rextangtw | with 3 comment(s)
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尋找好吃的拉麵, Google Local & Maps service in Japan...


Technorati Tags: Google Maps 中看到這篇 blog , 再從而看到 Google Blog, 在 7/14 時提到, Google Local JapanGoogle Maps Japan 上線了!!!

Finding Ramen near Shibuya from Google Local in Japan...

跟所有其他地方的 Google Local 或 Google Maps 一樣, 有衛星空照圖及地圖的交叉顯示, 並且可以標示位置, 實在是很方便. 尤其對於時常旅行日本的東南亞地區, 這無疑是一項非常棒的地圖服務.

台灣什麼時候才會有 Google Local & Maps for Taiwan 啊!? 為什麼都是日本會先有~


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GeoURL with Google Maps API...


GeoURL just had a tool to make your blog with GeoTags become a tag on Google Maps. (GeoURL blog post here)

我的 GeoURL 在方圓 70km 裡找到這個 Blog, 又從這個 blog 的文章裡看到 GeoURL 現在提供工具讓你把有放 GeoTags 的 blog 直接放在 Google Maps 上, 除了自己的 blog 外, 還會同時列出其他在附近的 blogs .

GeoURL 的應用實在是越來越厲害了~


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